How to Get a Free Flight Reservation with ‘Free Spirit Points’

Everyone loves to have a free journey. Most people will think that it is not possible, but today we’ll guide you through best practices for getting a free flight ticket with Spirit Airlines. Being a budget airline, it has no alliance with major airline groups. Don’t worry, as Spirit still knows how to care for its valuable customers. Spirit Airlines has its own frequent flyer program for its loyal customers. The program's name is ‘Free Spirit,’ which is one of the fastest ways to collect and earn points. You can also redeem benefits from the Spirit partner website such as Hotels, Car Rentals, Lifestyle, and Wine & Dine. To earn free points and free Spirit Airlines flight booking, you have to create an account with Spirit Airlines. Creating this account is absolutely free. 

How to Create Free Spirit Account

To create a Free Spirit account, all you have to do is go to the Spirit Airlines official site and click on the Free Spirit option. Next, click on Sign up now and fill in the following details:

Full Name including Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix
Enter your Date of Birth
Enter Account Details including Email and Password
Contact Details such as your country code, primary phone number, secondary phone number, Address, Country, Home Airport, and Secondary Airport.
Agree to the terms and conditions and click the Sign Up Now button

You will earn free Spirit Points for every dollar you spend with Spirit Airlines and selected partners. When booking flights on Spirit, you receive points for both the ticket and À La Smarte choices like seats and luggage, however not for the taxes and fees. You will receive points based on the pricing and selections associated with your flight booking. Free Spirit members receive 6 points for every dollar spent on fares, and for every dollar spent on À La Smarte choices, you earn 12 points. If you are a Silver or a Gold member, you can earn even more points quickly. Members who are Silver or Gold earn even more rapidly. You can also earn points by making daily purchases with the Free Spirit Credit Card. One of the best things is that you can start using your free points as soon as you reach 2500 points.

How to Redeem Free Spirit Points

You can start redeeming points for free bookings and services after you reach 2500 points which is very low as compared to other airlines. With lots of rewards to earn, you can easily collect the points for a free trip with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit has a new feature in which you can use Free Points along with your cash. With the new Points + Cash option, you may spend your points even quicker. By combining as little as 1,000 points with money to cover the remainder, you can fly sooner. There will be no redeeming costs for the Points + Cash feature, which will be accessible on every flight and for every seat and book Spirit Airlines cheap flight.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that you can be redeemed on Spirit Airlines reservations. You cannot use the free points for À La Smarte options like buying an additional baggage allowance, getting a Big Front Seat, or for inflight services. But you can earn points by spending on these services.

How to Earn Points

Spirit Airlines offers multiple ways by which you can earn free points. Some of these include buying when you book a Spirit flight, spending À La Smarte services, or buying inflight services. You can also use the Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard with lots of exciting offers, including 40,000 bonus points and a $100 companion flight voucher with certain terms and conditions. For more information on the credit card, you can visit the Spirit Airline website or call their customer care.

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